Typical stages of a project

There are many stages involved with finding, securing, and developing buildings for the benefit of the community, from identifying need and growing a collective capable of undertaking the journey, through securing funding and developing relationships with stakeholders, to identifying properties, negotiating purchase and co-designing refurbishments, as well as looking after the management and prosperity of properties once secured.

The Royal Institute of British Architects have published an eight stage Plan of Work, which we have used to map out the typical stages of a project, exploring the typical tasks a community benefit society looking to develop buildings would carry out, both as an organisation and in collaboration with a design team.

How do stages of a project work?

We want to create real community spaces in a way that is unique, special, and authentic to Bradford.

Our goal is to secure a cluster of buildings through community ownership and use these buildings to develop social enterprise and support cultural activity. 

With community-led property development, the economic value that is created is retained by and reinvested in our community.

Our vision is a city centre full of spaces that benefit our lives, where people can create, work, live and play well. 

We believe the People’s Property Portfolio has the potential to be a powerful catalyst for change.

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